• 5 of the Best Windows Computer Games in Ancient Times

    Games can not only be played through platforms and consoles and Android, such as Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Wii. Games can also be enjoyed through a personal computer or PC with a computer that we already have. It's been a long time the dingdong togel has penetrated the computer world. The function of the computer is not only to speed up and help human work, but also functions as a place of entertainment through playing games. Here are 5 of the Best Windows Computer Games in Ancient Times.


    The computer has an operating system or OS, one of the most popular is Windows. And one type of Windows OS that was once a favorite is Windows XP. Where Windows XP was once the king of computer programs in his day. Windows is also famous for having a lot of default games that could become favorites and excellent for computer users.


    Of course, almost all computer or laptop users know the names of games and games in Windows. These default Windows games can be found through the Start menu, then select All Programs, and select Games. There will appear a series of games or games that are ready for you to play. Basically the default Windows game is a basic game that is simple.


    The Best Windows Game

    1. Spider Solitaire


    Spider solitaire is a card game. How to play is also very easy, namely by arranging and sorting cards from large to small according to the type and color of cards, hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.


    If a deadlock occurs, there is a tool used to add or take cards from the deck. This spider solitaire game is very simple and has become a legend among computer users. Everyone must have played this game.


    2. Pinball


    As the name implies, this game is a Pinball game so the way to play is the same as a circular pinball in general. Our goal is to prevent the ball from falling into the hole and stay inside the pinball area.


    While in the area, try to keep the ball always touching other objects. This is useful for adding to your game score. The highest score will be included in the high score board.


    3. Minesweeper


    Minesweeper game is a really simple game. You only need to select and click on each box on your computer screen. Later you have to click all the boxes until they run out. But you have to be careful because there are boxes that contain bombs. The boxes containing the bomb are random, so to win this game requires a lucky factor.


    4. Solitaire


    This Solitaire game has similarities with the Spider Solitaire game. The goal is to arrange and sort cards from small to large according to the type and color of the card. The cards will be sorted into 4 boxes above. Solitaire has a higher level of difficulty and is difficult compared to the game Spider Solitaire.


    5. Hearts


    Game Hearts is one of the most popular Windows computer games. Hearts is a type of card game. This game is played by 4 players where the other three players are run by a computer. This game requires us to win the smallest points, because the player with the smallest points will come out as the winner.


    Thus some information about the 5 best windows computer games in ancient times. Now you can still play this game on your computer. Playing this game will also add to your skills in concentrating strategy concocting. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you.